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Equip Care is a locally based owned and operate providing medical equipment including hospital shower chairs, bed side commodes, hand held shower heads, bed wedges, hospital bed sheets and lifts to your homes.

Our Vision

To be the top provider of medical equipment, dedicated to improving people’s lives in our community and online community. We aim to be a resource for case workers, all consumers and doctor’s offices. We seek to educate and empower people by sharing valuable knowledge about medical equipment. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, we will be the friendliest, most compassionate welcoming medical equipment in our communities to promote better health for all!


 Equipped To Serve

 Hi I’m Clarie Dennis with Equip Care medical and I wanted to introduce myself. My husband Dusty and I started Equip Care in our home when we 1st started. I was a stay at home mom taking care of 2 little girls. We had recently just bought some land and built a barn to live in to save money to build a house someday. We didn’t have the barn completely done when we moved in but we had already sold our house so we moved in anyway and would work on the barn after Dusty would get home every night from work. I didn’t have a kitchen sink yet so I would wash dishes in the bathroom sink and it would drain into a bucket and I would go dump the bucket of water. Oh those were the good ole days. Anyway, Dusty was a physical therapist and saw the need for his patients to have access to medical equipment. So we thought what a great thing to do to supply medical equipment to people, that they don’t have to pay for, their insurance can pay for it. I thought that would be great too for me to do while raising my girls at home. We dedicated a room in the barn to the medical equipment. The 2 girls had to share a room, a crib and a twin bed was a tight squeeze but we made it work. We got all the paperwork prepared and put a yard sign out at the end of our driveway with Equip Care Medical Supply on it. Our neighbors were so confused. The Medicare Inspector came out, inspected my “equipment room” and all my necessary documentation and passed us to start to be able to bill medicare for patients to get equipment. We kept our eye open for a building to come open to buy or rent that could move our small operation to. A house that was right across the hospital came up for sale and we bought it. We operated out of the kitchen for several months till we could remodel it and put a front on the building because it was facing the wrong way. We still have and use some of the original cabinets from the kitchen and our break room still has the washer and dryer hookups. Still to this day I love being able to help get patients what they need for them to stay independent in their own home, assist their caregivers with tools to help and for insurance to pay for the majority of the equipment.

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Why Equip Care Equipment Solutions?




Through comprehensive education and a passion for empowerment, we strive to equip individuals with invaluable insights into the world of medical equipment.



Ensuring the reliability and functionality of medical equipment is at the core of our commitment to exceptional care.



At our core lies an unwavering commitment to transforming healthcare experiences for all. With a resolute vision to stand as the foremost provider of medical equipment.


Knowledgeable Staff

We have over 30 years of combined medical equipment knowledge that stays up to date with new equipment and technology.