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“It’s a Great Day At Equip Care”, has been our motto since day 1 and serving caregivers, patients and our community has been our goal! Providing quality medical equipment and finding the best payer source has always been a high priority! Finding solutions for people to heal safely at home and educating fitting proper equipment for every situation is just one of the many services we provide.


At our core lies an unwavering commitment to transforming healthcare experiences for all. With a resolute vision to stand as the foremost provider of medical equipment, we are dedicated to not only enhancing lives within our local and online communities, but also fostering a culture of wellness that reaches far and wide. As a beacon of expertise and support, we aspire to be a reliable resource for case workers, consumers, and medical professionals alike.


Through comprehensive education and a passion for empowerment, we strive to equip individuals with invaluable insights into the world of medical equipment. Our promise of exceptional customer service forms the cornerstone of our approach, ensuring that we not only provide top-tier products but also embrace the role of the friendliest, most compassionate, and welcoming presence in the medical equipment landscape. Together, we are forging a path towards better health and brighter futures, united by a shared vision that resonates in every interaction, every product, and every step we take.


Ensuring the reliability and functionality of medical equipment is at the core of our commitment to exceptional care. We go the extra mile to provide comprehensive servicing options that prioritize convenience and well-being. Our dedicated team of technicians is equipped with the expertise to address any servicing needs that may arise. What sets us apart is our personalized approach – understanding that comfort is key, we offer the option for our service professionals to visit patients’ homes for service calls. This convenient and patient-centered approach eliminates the stress of transporting equipment, allowing individuals to receive expert care in the comfort of their own space.

So Why Would You Choose Equip Care

Knowledgeable Staff

We have over 30 years of combined medical equipment knowledge that stays up to date with new equipment and technology. Each staff member has a specific area that they have first hand knowledge to get the correct fitting equipment, how to get your insurance to pay for the equipment and the service to take care of your equipment after you are healing at home.

Quality Equipment

Finding vendors that supply the highest quality of equipment with the most economical prices has always been a priority. The safety and healing of our patients is something we take personally. Finding out where the equipment will go and how it needs to benefit the patient will always help us guide to place the correct piece of equipment.

Our Services

Whether you are looking for a solution for your long-term care facility, or are shopping equipment for the home, contact our customer service team for a free consultation!

Service & Repairs

We will service and repair your medical equipment


Advantage Consulting

We take care of Advantage workers at Equip Care


Delivery Available

We will deliver to most service areas.


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